first_imgOviedo: “It is a team that has been suffering from getting out of the relegation positions, goes out and gets in. There they beat us and won us well. We can’t trust. If you let him attack he has people to hurt. A part of the game will go through take away the ball and have patience, it doesn’t squeeze so high, but it waits for you to three quarters, in front of teams like that, the best recipe is patience, we have to take advantage of our ability to move the ball to create spaces, it is a rival with tools to beat anyone. It’s such an important game to keep up the good streak this year. “Three consecutive draws: “We need to win and keep on a good run. The draws if we were in another position maybe they would be worth more. A priori we need to add three by three if we want to continue cutting distances up. We never go out to tie. We draw and we match going is a problem, not a good result. “Eye to teams below: “We care only about ourselves. We do not expect those above to fail. We still all depend on ourselves. To favor the results of others, you have to win. After winning I look at the results, but if we do not win, We don’t care about the rest. We are waiting to reduce distances. “Appeal Decision for the ‘Zozulia Case’: “In this country it usually happens, not only in sport but in normal life, those who have to impart justice do anything but impart justice. I do not know what they are put there for, I do not understand it very well. they should sanction others. If we could not feel persecuted, in fact, I manifest it. We, after what I have seen in other fields, have been sanctioned because we are. To dedicate yourself to certain things not only you have to have language, you also have to have them well placed and make fair decisions.If people who have to make those decisions have language, but you lack balls … They make wrong decisions.If they punish us we assume it, but they also have to sanction the rest or we feel aggrieved. In Vallecas you can not say certain things, but in other fields yes? They had a fantastic opportunity to impart justice and have let it go. If you miss me? Well, no, you don’t miss me in absolute. “Yacine Qasmi: “He has come with a little discomfort, yesterday he trained with us and today too. It’s pretty good. The club has signed it. He comes to reinforce the top and the club has wanted this player to be. We have received him in the best way possible to make you feel as comfortable as possible and start working now. “ Ulloa hasn’t scored at home yet: “I talk to him a lot. The last games are not that he hasn’t scored, he hasn’t even finished off. That does worry us. We should use him more in the area. We’re going to try to put the best balls we can. So far no it was the scoring mark that he expected and that none expected. It gives us a lot but if we want to fight for the promotion we need goals. We need him to find that shot again, that goal. We are all working to meet the goal again. forward sees that they do not arrive it gets more obstinate. We are here to help you. “Solid back and fewer goals scored: “I told the players that we were lacking madness. I have not changed, I do not want to, nor do I plan to change. I have modified things that need to be improved. This team lacks madness from time to time because with our quality it would make us impossible to stop. I’ve seen it at times. Another thing is that it has helped us to win or not. The defensive consistency also depends on the players. This year we are marking less than any year. If to mark you have to fit from time to time I bet because so. It is not opening the games without meaning, but when you have to do it. So much draw says a lot about that. “Saul, change in the first half: “I did not have a good day, that happens also in football, and he understood. He had a bad game and looking for the general good I felt the need to have to change it. I bet on Tito because he gave us good results and that’s why he I keep on. I know that I will use the left sides on what lies ahead. “The words of Mario Suarez in an interview (“Not ascending would be a failure”): “Mario is very sensible and makes clear the demand of all who are here. I could make a thousand excuses, which more convincing, to say that the goal of this year is no longer to ascend, but I am not going to do it. I am not going to do it because it would sound like excuses. We are going to fight the most. I would only modify one thing of his sentence. I understand failure as something that is not achieved because you have not put everything necessary. If this team does not get promoted, it will not be for that, it will be for other things, it would be a disappointment and not a failure, we self-demand it, inside the locker room, that says a lot about the mood of the locker room, we are uncomfortable where we are. I love that. It puts some pressure on us, but it is normal within what we ask ourselves. If they are convinced that the goal is that, I will help them. “Low: “Those already known. Yacine will enter. Morro, Comesaña and Pozo are still injured.”Yacine Qasmi, the great noveltyStriker Yacine Qasmi is the great novelty of Lightning in the call for the match against Oviedo. The Franco-Moroccan, 29, arrived on the last day of the market and has overcome some inconvenience, so he could enjoy his first minutes with the Strip. It falls from the Luna contest. Nor are the injured Comesaña, Pozo and Morro on the list.last_img read more