The Ostrich Pillow lets you sleep anywhere looks ridiculous

first_imgThere have been some strange projects on Kickstarter but I don’t think we’ve seen anything quite like the Ostrich Pillow. This curious product is a pillow you wear around your head that allows you to comfortably nap anywhere.Simply put your head inside the pillow (there’s a hole for your mouth and nose so you can breath) and you enter a world of comfort. You can choose to wear the pillow while sat up, for example if you need to nap on the train, or you can lie down on a desk and slot your hands inside the other two holes and sleep with your head on the table. It looks strange but no doubt it feels amazing, it looks nice and soft and apparently power napping is good for you.A quick nap on your lunch break for twenty minutes can increase your productivity by more than 30%. With so many of today’s jobs involving sitting at a computer for 8 hours a day, the Ostrich Pillow is designed to give your mind and eyes a rest from that.The best thing about Ostrich Pillow is that it allows you to sleep anywhere, you may look silly doing. This pillow will definitely appeal to commuters who travel on planes and trains a lot, office workers who work in flexible/fun environments, and anyone who is simply over-worked.Ostrich Pillow may be strange but it’s nearly reached its $70,000 goal, currently $66,684 has been raised and with 21 days to go, Ostrich Pillow is definitely going to become a reality. Pledge $75 or more to grab one.More at Kickstarterlast_img

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