Manual controls an f18 lens and a big sensor make the Nikon

first_imgNikon announced a veritable deluge of new Coolpix digicams today, and while they’re all fairly typical, one stands out from its brothers in the Nikon P300, a gorgeous little digicam for would-be pros that want a little more oomph from a shooter meant to be pocketable.Analogous to Canon’s S95, the Nikon P300 is a compact digicam with a big, lovely sensor, a super fast lens and plenty of manual controls for the pros.The sensor is a 1/2.3-inch affair, fitting 12.3 megapixels onto a backlit CMS plate, while the lens it a 24-100mm affair with a 35mm equivalent. Most impressive about this lens is the aperture, which opens as wide as f1.8, which is SLR-level awesome (the best lens I have for my Nikon D3000 only opens to 1.8.) Even the ISO is pretty nice, running up to 3200, although — as usual — you’ll probably want to stop by 1600 at the latest for the noise factor.The manual controls run the gamut of exposure functions. Other features of the P300 are image stabilization and a big three-inch rear LCD, as well as full 1080p video support.It’s a pretty great camera. The only problem is that it lacks the ability to shoot in RAW. Usually this isn’t a big deal for a digicam, but given the size of the sensor and the beauty of the lens, this is a camera that could have benefited from at least the option of shooting in RAW, especially since the competition — which is similarly priced to the P300’s $400 tag —all has it.Read more at Nikonlast_img

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