Several fraternities trading spots on The Row for the fall semester

first_imgThe dynamic of The Row will be different next fall, as several houses are in the process of planning moves, signing leases or finding alternative housing options.Trading spaces · Zeta Beta Tau will leave its current location and move into the house currently occupied by Pi Kappa Alpha. Pi Kappa Phi will move into ZBT’s current house, and Pike is looking for a house. – Ian Elston | Daily Trojan Come fall, Zeta Beta Tau fraternity will take over the house currently occupied by Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity; Pi Kappa Phi fraternity will move back into the house it owns, though it is currently being used by ZBT; and Pike has yet to decide where it will move.Earlier this month, the landlord of the current Pike house decided not to renew the fraternity’s lease. Pike has occupied the house, which is owned by Phi Sigma Kappa, since fall 2005.According to Pike President Eric Geibel, the fraternity has been looking for alternative housing arrangements for the past two years.“We’re very dissatisfied with our landlord, and we feel he has not met his obligation to us as tenants in providing a valuable house,” Geibel said. “It hasn’t adequately met our needs, and we’ve had a housing committee for the last two years trying to find new options for us that would be better.”The fraternity felt it was paying too much for the house and is evaluating other options, Geibel said. Though the location of its new home has yet to be determined, Geibel said he views this as a good opportunity for Pike.“I’m personally excited to be moving out of here,” Geibel said. “It’s just been a long time coming, and the members of our house deserve something much better.”When Pike moves out at the end of the spring semester, ZBT will take over its lease.ZBT President Ivan Whittey said he had no say in the decision to leave the current house and move into the Pike house.“No current active members of either of the houses were part of negotiations,” Whittey said.The current ZBT house will be occupied by PiKapp come fall. PiKapp owns the house and has been leasing it for the past few years while the fraternity worked to get back on its feet.PiKapp recolonized in 2009 and is currently not housed. Since recolonizing, PiKapp’s membership has increased to about 65 members and it is now prepared to move back into the home.According to PiKapp President Alex Fadil, ZBT was well aware that PiKapp was moving back to campus and reclaiming its house. He added that the fraternity has been anxiously awaiting its return to The Row.“We’re definitely very excited to move back to The Row,” Fadil said.Meanwhile, Pike continues to search for a new house, though Geibel said the fraternity has a few options.“Currently, we have three or four very viable options for next year that will be much better than our current house,” said Geibel. “We’re looking for something that is better quality, more affordable and can fit more people.”Pike is also considering building a completely new house, Geibel said.“We haven’t finalized it,” he said. “There’s a lot of opportunities out there, one of which would be constructing a brand new house, which is an extremely viable option. We do have a lot of funding.”last_img

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