Honduras outfits its police patrol cars with cameras

first_imgBy Dialogo August 22, 2014 Modernizing the police force The Honduran National Police force is equipping 2,500 of its patrol cars with cameras, part of an effort to use improved technology to fight crime. “Technology has been and always will be an important tool in crime prevention and crime investigation,” said Julián Hernández, spokesman for the Honduran National Police. The cameras will help police agents on patrol view possible criminal activities from different angles. The cameras will also allow police commanders to review the actions of police agents to ensure they are adhering to the highest law enforcement standards. Each vehicle will have three cameras, one facing the front, one focusing on the occupants inside, and the third one looking towards the back of the vehicle. Under the supervision of high-ranking police commanders working at the Central Operations Center, the cameras will record video and audio. Police commanders know where each patrol car is at all times, because each vehicle is equipped with a Global Positioning System (GPS). Honduran police are being innovative in using media and technology to fight crime. For example, Honduran police have launched radio and television programs in which officers reach out to the civilian population. The programs help police build trust with civilians, who in turn provide information to police about criminal activities. Authorities are installing video cameras in police vehicles donated by South Korea. Many of the video cameras are being installed in police carsa in Tegucigalpa and Comayagüela. The video cameras will help improve public safety, but ultimately it is up to police agents to keep the population safe, according to Honduran security analyst Billy Joya, who is a former Honduran police official. “While cameras in the vehicles are necessary, it will be the actions of the police which will result in a confident population,” Joya said. “It will be of no use to have crimes or delinquent actions recorded if the police fails to act afterwards. It is the implementation of justice what will strengthen people’s trust.” Video cameras help police Video cameras located on public streets and mounted the buildings of private businesses have helped police agents quickly capture criminal suspects. For example, in recent months, two hooded men jumped out of a car at a red light. One brandished an AK-47 rifle, the other held a handgun. The two men assaulted a young man who was riding a motorcycle, then fled. Video cameras recorded the incident, and police captured two suspects within hours. The two alleged attackers belonged to a gang which had committed several robberies, police said. What you have to change 100% is the corrupted people. Talk is cheap, please, we want actions. We don’t want babble, stop fooling our society. We are tired. Don’t deceive people. How are you setting up cameras when the police men are driving old patrol cars. Don’t waste money and stop saying lies. You can’t even afford uniforms every year and you’re gonna pay for cameras. It’s the best thing that the government has done to prevent mistreat by the police to the Hondurans who need to stop robbing Hondurans. NOT AT ALL, NOBODY HERE BELIEVES THEM. Everything they are saying is a fallacy. The police is increasingly miserable. The government of Juan Orlando is intent on deceiving people. Tell the truth on how much a cop makes, where they live, how they sleep, the work schedule, how many vehicles each police unit or station has, how they manage to move the vehicles, if they provide them with spare parts, are there enough human resources, how some human resources are used, is there truly enough material resources or not? It’s embarrassing that they’re going around bragging. It’s perfect and it’d also be good if they apply those for the traffic ones. I think it’s perfect. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I hope it gets easier to catch the rats inside and out mmm IT’S ALL VERY GOOD BUT I THINK THAT IT’D BE MORE EFFECTIVE IF YOU CREATED SURVEILLANCE COMMITTEES WITHIN THE NEIGHBORHOODS TRAINED BY THE POLICE…THIS WORKS, JUST LOOK AT THE DELINQUENCY AND ORGANIZED CRIME RATES IN NICARAGUA…IS VERY LOW, HOWEVER, WITHIN THE POLICE FORCE THERE ARE PEOPLE INTERESTED ON NOT SOLVING THIS, THEY ARE SIMPLY LAUGHING AT EACH AND EVERY SINGLE HONDURAN.last_img

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