Must-See TV? Brian F. O’Byrne Is Not One of the 25 Million Fans of Debra Messing on Will & Grace

first_img At opening night of Outside Mullingar, which stars O’Byrne and Grace herself, Debra Messing, as long-brewing lovers, the Tony-winning stage star sheepishly admitted he’s never even seen the show. And that he’s never told Messing! So how did Messing take that little bit of news? Click below to see the interaction! At the height of its popularity, Will & Grace was watched by an average of 17.3 million adoring viewers every Thursday, with one episode even reaching over 25 million fans. In fact, at some point, it seemed like everyone was watching the NBC sitcom hit. Well, everyone except Brian F. O’Byrne. (Hey Brian—Will & Grace airs at 5PM on WE tv every friggin’ day. Set the DVR!) Outside Mullingar View Comments Related Shows Show Closed This production ended its run on March 16, 2014last_img

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