University announces exit protocols for quarantined, isolated students

first_imgThis report was updated at 2:58 p.m.Students who are in quarantine or isolation after testing positive or being exposed to COVID-19 will have to follow special move-out procedures, according to an email from the Notre Dame Care and Concern Team to students currently in quarantine or isolation. The email was sent to these students Tuesday morning.Students who are released from quarantine and isolation after residence halls close at 12 p.m. Saturday will be escorted back to their halls by HERE ambassadors, and have about 20 minutes to pack up all of their belongings for the 10-week break.“Please know that this is to grab items and go, and students should only plan to spend [approximately] 20 minutes in the hall,” the email said. “If you are able please ask your roommate to arrange your items for you to grab once you are released.”Gretchen Andreasen, a senior currently in isolation, will be affected by these new policies and said she is “pretty angry” about the restrictions. “I will say, I live in a single, so the fact they are asking roommates to help is a bit silly — also, it’s finals week, and asking other people to help you pack during this time is just ridiculous,” she said in a text message. Students who test positive for COVID-19 or are identified as a close contact of a positive case may not fly home but can apply for special permission to travel home by car under UHS guidelines, according to a recent email from the Division of Student Affairs. Those who are identified as close contacts and wish to leave must apply for approval from University Health Services, be driven home by a designated driver without stops and complete a mandatory 14-day quarantine upon arrival. Students who are positive for COVID-19 must also complete these precautions, instead with a mandatory 10-day period of isolation. The University will also notify the COVID-positive student’s home health department of their travel. The driver of a COVID-positive student or close contact should consider themselves a close contact under the CDC guidelines and quarantine themselves for 14 days, the email said.Quarantined or isolated students who receive permission to leave campus despite having a red pass will not be allowed inside their dorms to pack up their belongings.“Upon UHS approval to leave, the student should coordinate with a roommate or section mate to gather any items and bring them to be picked up outside of the hall by their driver,” the email said.University spokesperson Dennis Brown said on-campus students received an email Thursday advising them to have items ready to “grab and go” in the event that they would need to be placed in quarantine and isolation. “If students require more time or need additional accommodations, they can discuss with their Care and Concern team representative and their HERE Ambassador,” Brown said in an email. “Students will receive more information about how to contact their HERE Ambassador when they are released from quarantine and isolation.”Tags: care and concern team, COVID-19, Here, Isolation, quarantine, University Health Serviceslast_img

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