Phish Drummer Jon Fishman To Run For Local Political Office In Maine Hometown

first_imgThroughout the 2016 Presidential primaries, Phish drummer Jon Fishman was extremely vocal in his support for Democratic party hopeful Bernie Sanders, traveling around the country speaking at rallies and performing at political benefits, including Live For Live Music‘s “Get Out And Vote For Bernie” fundraiser show featuring Kung Fu, Oteil Burbridge, and more. He even commissioned a custom-made, Bernie Sanders-inspired version of his ubiquitous red and blue dress which he wore throughout Phish’s 2016 summer tour.While Sanders may not have won the Democratic nomination, he left his supporters with a call to action: “We need new blood in the political process, and you are that new blood. It means that, at every level, we continue the fight to make our society a nation of economic, social, racial and environmental justice.”Not one to let his fervent beliefs fall by the wayside, the 52-year-old drummer (who was Sanders’ Vermont constituent for many years) has decided to answer Sanders’ call. In an interview with local Maine publication Free Press Online, Fishman explains, “Bernie was saying, ‘Look at all of you people who got on the Sanders campaign and cared about these issues, you should run for your local offices, your school boards, your select boards and committees.’ Public service is needed across the board, so I guess that kind of sentiment just sat with me.” Today, after gathering all the necessary signatures and, Fishman officially filed as a candidate for the Lincolnville Board of Selectmen. There are two seats up for grabs in the next town election.Particularly with Phish toning down the scope of their famously extensive touring schedule this year, Fishman and his family have made themselves part of the local Lincolnville community. His wife, Briar Fishman, serves on the local Board of Education, and the couple is in the process of re-opening the town’s Center General Store.Says Fishman of his political ambitions, “It’s not an ego thing or anything like that. It’s kind of the opposite. I’ve done really well in my line of work, I’ve had a lot of success and I love my job. And I guess I could sit on my butt somewhere and not be engaged, but we do have a personal stake in the well-being of the town.” Fishman is now attending local Board of Selectmen meetings to familiarize himself with local issues and better prepare himself to potentially take on the responsibilities of a Lincolnville Selectman, explaining “I really want to go into this with both feet. If I’m going to do it, I want to do a good job. I’m going to be engaged, and I have no interest in doing it half-assed.”We wish Jon the best in his budding political career![h/t – Free Press Online]last_img

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