first_imgIS IT TRUE its time that Evansville City Council, County Commission and County Council stop playing political games concerning the possible funding for the renovation plans for the Vanderburgh County jail? …its time for members of all three elected bodies to sit down like reasonable adults and address the overcrowding issues concerning the jail and to come up with reasonable solutions to how to correct the problems? …if they agree that building an addition to the jail is the answer then they should build for future needs of the jail and not for the current needs?IS IT TRUE we hear that newly elected Council President Missy Mosby was so pleased with the work of her Finance Chairman (Dan McGinn (R)) she has re-appointed him to serve in that position for another year? …right after his re-appointment McGinn announced that he going to push to get Council to approve tax credit to developers that renovate shopping center with vacant store fronts? …McGinn states that “giving tax credits to shopping mall developers will not cost the tax payers any money”? …all we can say is “really”?IS IT TRUE that we have been informed by creditable sources that the Zoo really loses several millions of dollars per year (more than previously reported)? …we wonder why in the world would the Mayor want to invest another million dollars in a “penguin” exhibit this year? …Its important to remind the Mayor, its one thing to build something but another to maintain it?IS IT TRUE we hope that Vanderburgh County Commissioner President Bruce Ungethiem and City Council President Missy Mosby will provide the media with a detailed breakdown concerning board appointments listed on future agendas?  …we would like to know what boards are up for appointments and who are the Commissioners and City Council members recommending for these appointments?IS IT TRUE the discussion to combined the offices of the County Commission and the County Council into one business pod is slowing moving forward?  …we would appreciate that the powers that be give us details (time frame, costs and office layout and reason for the expansion) concerning this capital project?  …we would like to know who is pushing this idea?IS IT TRUE we are extremely pleased with the way that newly elected State Representative Ryan Hatfield (D) is conducting himself in that office?  …it looks like Vanderburgh County might have a political star in the making?IS IT TRUE that the citizens against Trump had the opportunity to voice their displeasure against him last week in a series of peaceful protests?  …beginning this Friday the Pro-Life groups shall stage a peaceful protests throughout America?  …we wish them a peaceful and successful event?IS IT TRUE that whether we like or dislike Mr. Trump he is now President Trump with all of the power and responsibility reserved for that office alone?…as with all of our Presidents, when they do a good job, the American people are better off?…the time is now to face that reality and to encourage our new president to make things happen that will benefit us all?…tipping points are sometimes beneficial and sometimes lead chaos like we have seen in Venezuela during 2016?…we hope to see a better America in 2020 from both an economic and freedom perspective?FOOTNOTE: Today “Readers Poll” question is: Was State Senator Veneta Becker was out of bounds when she quietly wrote the law  to increase the local income tax from the current 1% to 1.25% without City Council knowledge? FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img

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