Dr. Bucshon’s Statement on Government Funding Bill

first_imgFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare Eighth District Congressman Larry Bucshon, M.D. released the following statement after the House passed legislation to fund the government:“As President Trump said, this bill is a clear win for the American people. It turns the tide of the past eight years by investing heavily in our national defense to support our operations abroad and military installations here at home like Crane. It includes the largest increase in border security technology and infrastructure in a decade, gives our troops the largest pay raise in six years, and fully funds the health benefits for retired miners that are set to expire,” said Bucshon.  “While this legislation is far from ideal, it nonetheless makes progress getting our priorities in order after eight years of the failed policies of the previous administration.  I wish we could have done more in this bill, but the arcane rules of the Senate allow Senate Democrats to block our efforts to make further progress. I agree with President Trump that for us to secure major legislative accomplishments moving forward, Senate Republicans should end the legislative filibuster.” BACKGROUND H.R. 244, the Consolidated Appropriations Act fully funds the operations of the federal government, makes significant investments to support our military, secure the border, fight the opioid epidemic, and provide certainty for retired coal miners. The bill does not include any new funds for Obamacare, nor does it provide line item funding for Planned Parenthood.Specifically, the bill:Supports our military operations by adding $20 billion in additional funding for our national defense, including bases like Crane.Supports our troops by including the largest military pay raise in six years, a 2.1% increase.Provides certainty for retired coal miners by permanently funding their health benefits, which were set to expire.Strengthens our borders by providing Customs and Border Protection $12.2 billion for more border agents and improving border infrastructure. This is the biggest increase in border security funding in a decade.Includes no new money for Obamacare, eliminating funding for IPAB and preventing a taxpayer-funded bailout of insurance companies.Maintains critical pro-life protections and includes no line item funding for Planned Parenthood.Cuts back the EPA by $81 million, taking the agency back to pre-Obama Administration spending levels and cut staffing levels back to that seen at the end of the Reagan Administration.Invests in medical research by providing the National Institutes of Health an additional $2 billion.Provides $156 million in new funding for rural health programs.Eliminates funding for radical climate change initiatives like the Green Climate Fund, the U.N. Climate Change panel, and Paris Climate Change institutionsProvides $650 million to combat the opioid epidemic.Expands the school choice program.Supports an all of the above energy strategy with specific focus on coal, oil, natural gas, and increasing our nuclear capabilities.last_img

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